Great Texts

Wisdom to Change Your Life

Study foundational works of literature, theology, and philosophy in small, seminar-style classes. Students consider the messy questions that contemporary disciplines often set aside, exploring the connections between what we know, how we live, and what we enjoy.



Great Texts is the academic home to some of Baylor’s most dynamic teachers and leading scholars. Influencing conversations in a range of scholarly disciplines, Great Texts faculty have published their research in the world’s best presses—Yale, Cambridge, Notre Dame, Brill, De Gruyter, Routledge, Edinburgh. Great Texts faculty bring their scholarly expertise to life in seminars that actively involve students and initiate them into the life of the mind.

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"Studying Great Texts has provided me with knowledge beyond the traditional classroom."

Olivia Perez

"The Great Texts Program provides that distinctive combination of personal encounter and intellectual apprenticeship by considering the most important questions about how we live.  This is why Baylor engineering students, for example, study Great Texts."

Dr. Phillip J. Donnelly

"Great Texts is one of the few places I have found at Baylor that asks the hard questions about God, about the self, and about the world. Our professors guide us through texts, which remind us that we are not the first people to ask these questions. Being a part of this program has shown me that I am not in my own moment. We are inheriting and inhabiting an existing tradition."

HD Tolson